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Open Source is a very good alternative to buying software or even Os`s.Linux is the highest profile in this grouping. There are many great windows alternatives ,free for downloading,and totally comparable.

Mandriva One

Formerly Mandrake this is an easy to install,easy to use distro.Very Windows like.These free version downloads by the bigger outfits always leave something or other out hoping you will purchase the full versions,but its enough to start with.

If you are a novice or first time user this is a very good and easy system.Will reside on another partition with Windows.Tons of documentation in PDF or Html formats.I was a Mandrake user at first on a fat32 partition with Windows,then on a spare computer(safer and better).

I found this Linux to be very easy and very stable.Have some fun try it out!

This is the link to the download version and documentation pages.....Mandriva

Live & Install CD

Everything for your office work, Internet and multimedia

Unmatched stability and hardware recognition

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